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Línea Abierta : Executive Action: Primer.

Photo: Pete Souza/White House

59:06 minutes (54.12 MB)

Executive Action: Primer. President Obama spoke to the nation from the White House announcing executive steps to bring deportation relief for millions. He also traveled to Las Vegas, where he spoke at a high school rally trying to draw public support for his immigration plans. Experts discuss the details of the administrative action and share resources available for those seeking to apply for relief.

Guests: Mark Silverman, Director of Immigration Policy, Immigrant Legal Resource Center, San Francisco, CA, ; Larry Kleinman, Executive Committee Member, Fair Immigration Reform Movement – FIRM, Woodburn, OR,

Línea Abierta : Immigration Edition.

Photo: Fast For Families/Facebook

59:07 minutes (54.13 MB)

Immigration Edition. Awaiting the much anticipated executive order by President Obama on immigration, national Latino leaders comment about how this action will benefit millions of undocumented and call on President Obama to close family detention centers. Also, immigration attorney Rosalba Piña discusses the announcement made by Vice President Biden about the new program which will grant refugee status to the children of Central American parents.

Guests: Hector Sanchez, Executive Director of Labor Council for Latin American Advancement (LCLAA) and Chair of the National Hispanic leadership agenda (NHLA), Washington, DC, , ; Attorney Rosalba Piña, Immigration Law Expert, Chicago, IL,

Línea Abierta : Immigration Reform: Now What?

Photo: Presente/Facebook

59:11 minutes (54.23 MB)

Immigration Reform: Now What? After the Republican takeover of the US Senate, President Obama promised administrative action on deportations by the end of the year. Republican leaders on Capitol Hill warned that an action without Congress would “poison the well” and be like “playing with matches.” National pro-immigrant leaders discuss next steps to get deportation relief for millions of families.

Línea Abierta : Politics of Immigration.

Photo: Christian B. / Causa Oregon

59:07 minutes (54.13 MB)

Politics of Immigration. Current laws that allow undocumented immigrants to get a driver’s license are under attack in two states on Tuesday’s election. In Oregon, the recently-signed law is being subjected to a citizen’s veto referendum, and in New Mexico, incumbent Republican Governor Susana Martínez is campaigning with pledges to repeal the 11-year-old law. How is this immigration debate playing in the election?

Guests: Larry Kleinman, Co-founder, Pineros y Campesinos Unidos del Noroeste PCUN, Woodburn, OR, ; Dan Boyd, Staff Writer, The Albuquerque Journal, Albuquerque, NM,

Línea Abierta : Immigration Edition.

Photo: Student Affairs/ UC Davis

59:07 minutes (54.13 MB)

Immigration Edition. The University of California, Davis is opening today an undocumented student center to help undocumented students navigate the academic and administrative system, provide financial and legal counseling, and advocate for them. This is a conversation with the undocumented student who helped create the center. This program also includes legal advice from an expert on immigration law and comments encouraging citizens to cast their ballots in the upcoming mid-term election.

Guests: Ana Maciel, Student of Chicano Studies and Political Science, Academic Coordinator, Undocumented Student Center, UC Davis, Davis, CA, ; Rosalba Piña, Attorney at Immigration Law, Chicago, IL,

Línea Abierta : Deportations and Electoral Politics. Also, Rubén Gallego.

Photo: Casa Maryland/Facebook

59:07 minutes (54.12 MB)

Deportations and Electoral Politics. President Obama gave a speech to Latino leaders addressing deep concerns about his decision to delay executive action on deportations. Obama encouraged his audience to get their constituents out to vote. An analyst comments on the repercussions of this issue on the upcoming elections.

Guest: Lynn Tramonte, Deputy Director, America’s Voice, Cleveland, OH,

Also, Rubén Gallego. A conversation with 34-year-old Ruben Gallego, a former Democratic state legislator who is running to replace retiring Rep. Ed Pastor in a race with no Republican opposition. Pastor was Arizona’s first Latino congressman. Gallego discusses his stances on jobs, education, health and immigration policies.

Guest: Rubén Gallego, Former Assistant Minority Leader, Arizona House of Representatives, Phoenix, AZ,

Línea Abierta : Immigration Edition.

Photo: Fair Immigration

59:07 minutes (54.13 MB)

Immigration Edition. Central American activists are descending from all over California this week on Bakersfield to urge Rep. Kevin McCarthy, the House Majority Leader, to stop pushing for rocket dockets, fast-track deportation of unaccompanied migrant children. An immigration law expert comments on the elections, citizenship and the right to vote.

Guests: José Cartagena, National Coordinator, Red Nacional de Salvadoreños en el Exterior, Oakland, CA, ; Mirna Medina, Project Coordinator, Caravans for the Children, Oakland, CA; Attorney Rosalba Piña, Immigration Law Specialist, Chicago, IL,

Línea Abierta : Immigration Edition.

Photo: Luis A Alejo/onlineautoinsurances

59:08 minutes (54.15 MB)

Immigration Edition An advocate comments on the plans by ICE to open a privately-run, 2400-bed facility in Texas, to house detained migrant families; more than one hundred pro-immigrant groups voice their concerns and send a letter to President Obama. In California, Governor Brown approves law which will protect foreign workers from labor exploitation. A new law in California seeks to ensure all of California low-income drivers have access to auto insurance, including non-citizen residents who may qualify for driver’s licenses next year. Also, commented is the new design for California driver’s licenses for undocumented residents.

Guests: Antonio Ginatta, Advocacy Director, US Program, Human Rights Watch, Washington, DC, ; Armando Botello, Spokesperson, Department of Motor Vehicles, Sacramento, CA, ; Jessica Stender, Legal Director, Centros de los Derechos del Migrante, Mexico City,

Línea Abierta : Sexual Exploitation.

Photo: SPLC

59:07 minutes (54.13 MB)

Sexual Exploitation. Immigrant women and girls often suffer in silence sexual exploitation in their workplaces. These workers are subjected to rape or sexual harassment with impunity and don’t report abuses for fear of retaliation. Undocumented women worry about being fired or deported, and those with temporary contracts dread losing their guest-worker visas and jobs. What are the legal rights of these women in the workplace? What legislative efforts are underway to bring stronger protections? Also, in this edition people report cases of sexual abuse and sexual harassment.

Línea Abierta : Defeating Voter Abstention.

Photo: CoveredCA via facebook

59:07 minutes (54.16 MB)

Defeating Voter Abstention. On National Voter Registration Day, dozens of national Latino groups join forces in a coordinated effort to register voters for the November 4 mid-term election. They expect Latinos to vote in record numbers for a mid-term election. What’s the mood among Latino voters? Will they show up to the polls this year? An expert on immigration discusses the benefits and the process for citizenship.

Guests: Lizet Ocampo, Vice President for Campaigns, Latino Victory Project, Washington, DC, ; Rosalba Piña, Attorney and Immigration Expert, Chicago, Il,

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