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Línea Abierta : Mexico Edition.


59:06 minutes (54.16 MB)

Mexico Edition. Martha Elena Ramírez hosts the program Voz Pública from Mexico City. The civic journalist brings news and analysis on Mexican developments.

Línea Abierta : Migrant Crab Workers.

Photo: CNS-TV via youtube

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Migrant Crab Workers. Mexican migrant women who pick crab meat or peel crawfish and came to the U.S. as H-2B guest workers are often victims of misleading recruitment, long work days, without overtime pay nor regular breaks. Seafood suppliers for major retail giants rely on this temporary labor. Former migrant women who worked in the North Carolina crab industry join this program, along with labor law experts.

Guests: Brenda Andazola Acosta, Director and Coordinator of Proyecto Mujeres Migrantes, Centros de Derechos al Migrante, Mexico, DF, ; Aida Jimenez Jimenez, former crab worker, Tabasco, Mexico.

Línea Abierta : Accessing Health Care.

Photo: CA OPA

59:07 minutes (54.16 MB)

Accessing Health Care. Experts discuss the experience those who enrolled in ACA’s enrollees are having in the marketplace. California insurance giant, Blue Cross, has been under charges the company the exaggerated the number of physicians and hospital networks to get consumers to buy their health plans. On other news, while open enrollment through health insurance marketplaces has ended for the year, people are increasingly enrolling in Medicaid and CHIP, especially in states that expanded their Medicaid programs. Also discussed are the conflicting decisions of two separate appeals courts on whether the insurance subsidies that help certain people pay for health insurance is illegal. The guest comments on the impact of the ruling on the health care law and possible repercussions.

Guest: Dr. Xavier Morales, Executive Director, Latino Coalition for a Healthy California, Los Angeles, CA,

Línea Abierta : Immigration Edition.

Photo: New York Immigrant Coalition

59:06 minutes (54.12 MB)

Immigration Edition. A court struck down Arizona’s policy denying driver’s licenses to young DACA beneficiaries, and California is negotiating with federal authorities over the design of the permit for undocumented drivers. These and other news are reported, as well as tips for Dreamers and the undocumented on how to prepare for the license application.

Guests: Dulce Matuz, President, Arizona Dream Act Coalition, Phoenix, AZ, ; Armando Botello, Spokesperson, Department of Motor Vehicles, Sacramento, CA,

Línea Abierta : Student Loans: Boon or Peril?

Photo: Federal Student Aid via facebook

59:03 minutes (54.07 MB)

Student Loans: Boon or Peril? The costs of higher education have been transferred from the society to the student and federal policy changed from grants to loans, setting the stage for the current student debt crisis, says a prominent leader in higher education. While Latino students don’t borrow more than the rest, they end up with more hardships to graduate because they choose to work instead of getting loans. He discusses this and other issues of higher education.

Guest: Dr. Antonio Flores, President and Executive Director, Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities, San Antonio, TX,

Línea Abierta : Mexico Edition.

Photo: Mas de 131

59:07 minutes (54.13 MB)

Mexico Edition. With the votes of political parties (PRI, PAN and PVE) in favor, the regulatory laws which will open the electric and oil industry to foreign companies are set in place. According to specialists, the entrepreneurs in the electric sector will be called “supportive” and their earnings will be guaranteed. Meanwhile, in the oil production (natural gas included) the expropriation of communal land will be allowed; there will be no limit on the number of authorization permits or contracts that are granted and in addition an oil fund will be created, which will be managed by the Secretariat of Finance and Public Credit. Also, the gasoline and natural gas prices will not be reduced and Pemex (Mexican Petroleums) will share geological information with foreign consortiums.

Línea Abierta : Fair Pay for Guest Workers.

Photo: CDMigrante via facebook

59:07 minutes (54.14 MB)

Fair Pay for Guest Workers. Mexican guest workers who were recruited and brought into the U.S. by landscaping giant TruGreen on H-2B visas have reached a settlement with the company. The plaintiffs complained that failing to reimburse travel and immigration-related expenses violated the federal Fair Labor Standards Act. Under the agreement, the national provider of landscape services will reimburse the workers for those expenses. In this program, former TruGreen landscape workers share their guest-worker experience and a legal expert comment on the ramifications of the case.

Guests: Lilian Lopez Gracián, Legal Adviser, Centro de los Derechos del Migrante, Mexico City, ; Ex-workers of TruGreen, Juan Carlos Arauz Canela, Tlaxcala, Mexico; Manuel Arreola Bustillos, Chihuahua, Mexico.

Línea Abierta : Alabama Schools: “Show Me Your Papers”?

Photo: Pisando Charcos

59:07 minutes (54.13 MB)

Alabama Schools: “Show Me Your Papers”? Civil rights watchdogs found the vast majority of Alabama’s school districts were asking parents to provide their children’s Social Security numbers or birth certificates in violation of federal laws. Hundreds of families have reported problems when enrolling their children in school, raising the presumption of discrimination based on their immigration status. State officials are releasing standardized enrollment forms for all school districts. Education officials, civil rights experts and immigrant parents are being invited to discuss the questionable practices and the new policies. This is a simulcast in collaboration with Radio La Jefa, 98.3 FM, in Birmingham, Alabama.

Linea Abierta : Immigration Edition.

Photo: LIRS

59:06 minutes (54.12 MB)

Immigration Edition. Human rights advocates call on Washington to give detained migrant children detained a humane treatment and refugee status. A Republican congressman who played a key role on immigration in the House says he was told by House Republican leaders that immigration reform is dead. Pulitzer-winner undocumented journalist, Jose Antonio Vargas, was detained by Border Patrol agents while visiting the Texas border. Attorney Rosalba Piña joins from Chicago to bring legal advice for listeners.

Guests: Alfonso Aguilar, Executive Director, Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles, Washington, DC, ; Julieta Garibay, Co-founder, United We Dream, Washington, DC, ; Rosalba Piña, attorney and immigration expert, Chicago, Il,

Línea Abierta : Alvarado Sisters.

Photo: Defendamos la Esperanza

59:15 minutes (54.26 MB)

Alvarado Sisters. Three teenage, exiled minors continue their search for their mother and for justice, more than four years after their mother was abducted and disappeared allegedly by Mexican soldiers in the northern state of Chihuahua, an unprecedented case that is being investigated by the Interamerican Court of Human Rights. The Alvarado sisters have formed the group “Children of the Disappeared.” This is a conversation with the older activist twins in which they shared their story, how this tragedy has changed their lives and comment on future plans.

Guests: Mitzi and Nitza Alvarado, Children of Disappeared Citizen Nitza Paola Alvarado, El Paso, TX.

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