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Línea Abierta : College Costs and Financial Aid. Also, Are Latinos Ready for College?

Photo: College

59:06 minutes (54.12 MB)

College Costs and Financial Aid. Texas congressman Rubén Hinojosa talks about the promises and challenges for Latinos to go to college in Texas. He also talks about what’s been done in Washington to improve high school graduation rates, and make college more accessible and affordable.

Guest: Rep. Rubén Hinojosa, Member of House Committee on Education and Labor, Chair of Subcommittee on Higher Education, Edinburg, TX,

Also, Are Latinos Ready for College? A community media leader in the Rio Grande Valley comments on college expectations, parent engagement, family economy, government spending, and other issues impacting the road to a college diploma for Latino students.

Guest: David Arizmendi, Chief Operating Officer, KXJT-FM, Leader, Colonias Unidas, Inc., Rio Grande City, TX.

Línea Abierta : Masters of Caribbean Son.

Photo: John Santos

59:08 minutes (54.14 MB)

Masters of Caribbean Son. An interview with two great exponents of Afro-Latino music, who come together in San Francisco, CA, with other giants of Salsa and Latin jazz to support El Tecolote, a storied community newspaper with a focus on Latino popular culture. Five-time Grammy nominee John Santos is a renowned percussionist who has performed and recorded with masters such as Cachao, Dizzy Gillespie, Tito Puente and Bebo Valdés. Classic Cuban son vocalist Tito González has sung and played the tres with famous Cuban groups. In the U.S., he has performed with Oscar de León and Larry Harlow, among others.

Guests: Tito González, Master of Cuban Traditional Music, San Francisco, CA, ; John Santos, Master Percussionist, San Francisco, CA, ; Mabel Jiménez, Representative, El Tecolote, San Francisco, CA,

Línea Abierta : Mexico Edition.

Photo: Vaxtuxpan via blogspot

59:07 minutes (54.14 MB)

Mexico Edition. In the National Palace Mexican President, Enrique Peña Nieto promulgates the laws which will regulate the participation of private and foreign exploitation of hydrocarbons. Before the political class, he assures that now without any barriers the country will grow and there will be jobs for the citizens. At the same time, civil organizations prepare lawsuits to petition the annulment of these laws. According to constitutionalist, Jaime Cardenas, these laws and the temporary occupation of the land can be challenged. However, the disputes about tax payments, supplies, the number of jobs or the profit percentages of the companies could all be settle in international court. This edition is broadcast from Mexico City; the host is Martha Elena Ramirez.

Guest: (Audio Fragments) Jaime Cardenas, Constitutionalist and Investigator for “Instituto de Investigaciones Jurídicas,” National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), Mexico City.

Línea Abierta : DACAmented in College.

Photto: United WE Dream via facebook

59:06 minutes (54.12 MB)

DACAmented in College. Arizona is taking the country’s largest community college system to court to prevent in-state tuition for DACA beneficiaries, while in Georgia, DACA recipients who are being denied in-state tuition rates filed a lawsuit against the University System of the state’s Board of Regents.

Guests: Alfredo Gutiérrez, Member, Governing Board, Maricopa Community Colleges, Phoenix, AZ, ; Rigoberto Rivera, undocumented student participating in the Lawsuit of DREAMers against the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia, Atlanta, GA; Laura Bohorquez, Program Coordinator, DREAM Empowerment Educational Program, for United We Dream, Chicago, IL,

Línea Abierta : Lila Downs: Raíz.

Photo: Lila Downs via facebook

59:06 minutes (54.12 MB)

Lila Downs: Raíz. Grammy winner Mexican-American singer Lila Downs is releasing a new CD in collaboration with Soledad from Argentina and Niña Pastori from Spain. Titled “Raíz,” the new recording includes arrangements of musical styles from their home countries, such as boleros, chacareras, tangos and huapangos. In coincidence, Downs begins a tour in the U.S.

Guest: Lila Downs, Singer and songwriter, Ciudad de México,

Línea Abierta : Immigration Edition.

Photo: Justice for the Children of..via Facebook

59:06 minutes (54.12 MB)

Immigration Edition. A Honduran man in distress tells how he was forced to witness the rape of his wife and daughter at the hands of gang members, a Honduran teen girl captured in Texas talks about her ordeal from detention to reunification with her mother in California. This program features these and other gripping testimonials from Central American children and families who have fled violence in their home countries. Listeners call in to get legal advice from an immigration law expert.

Guests: (Pre-recorded interviews): Alexander, Honduran Migrant; Dariana, Honduran Migrant; Guatemalan Migrant (anonymously), Oakland, CA; Suly, Honduran Migrant, New York, N.Y.; Rosalba Piña, Attorney and Immigration Law Expert, Chicago, IL,

Línea Abierta : The Latino Vote.

Photo: Voto Latino via Instagram

59:11 minutes (54.24 MB)

The Latino Vote. Less than three months before Election Day, intense efforts to sign up new voters are underway. Some predict Latino voter turnout will be higher than in previous off-year elections. But, will the Latino vote be powerful enough to make a difference in the composition of the House and the Senate? Experts comment on the matter and predict possible outcomes.

Guests: Antonio Gonzalez, Executive Director, Southwest Voter Education and Registration Project, Los Angeles, CA, ; Arnulfo De La Cruz, California Director for Mi Familia Vota, Los Angeles, CA,

Línea Abierta : Mexico Edition.

Photo: Camara de Diputados

59:06 minutes (54.11 MB)

Mexico Edition. Martha Elena Ramírez hosts the program Voz Pública from Mexico City. The civic journalist brings news and analysis on Mexican developments.

Línea Abierta : National Soda Tax Bill and More. via Facebook

59:08 minutes (54.19 MB)

National Soda Tax Bill and More. The latest news developments in health care are discussed in this program, including a bill to remove barriers to health care for immigrant women and families and provide emergency contraception for communities of color. Also discussed is the SWEET Act, a bill that would impose a national tax on soda and other sugar-sweetened drinks.

Guests: Dr. Jane Delgado, Executive Director and President, National Alliance for Hispanic Health, Washington, D.C., ; Marisol Franco, Director of Policy, California Latinas for Reproductive Justice, Los Angeles, CA,

Línea Abierta : Amanda Rentería.

Photo: Amanda Renteria via facebook

59:07 minutes (54.13 MB)

Amanda Rentería. With three months left to go for Election Day, the battle for seats in the House is in full swing. As part of a special election series, this program features an interview with Amanda Rentería, a Harvard-educated native of California’s Central Valley who is returning home to challenge incumbent David Valadao (R-CA) in a heavily Latino district. Rentería was the first Latina chief of staff in the history of the Senate. In this interview, Rentería addresses hot topics, including immigration reform, the Affordable Care Act, minimum wage, and access to higher education. Also, an expert comments about the importance of voting and how the Latino community needs to elect candidates which will have their best interests.

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