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Línea Abierta : Immigration Edition.


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Immigration Edition. While U.S. attention has been focusing on children from Central America, a majority of children crossing the U.S. border are Mexican. Unaccompanied Mexican minors are being detained and deported by the thousands, facing the threat of gangs and human traffickers. Are they being repatriated in a safe manner? Do they have access to child-friendly procedures for child asylum claims? And expert on political asylum comments on this topic. He also comments on how politics are not absent from the way the U.S. government is processing political asylum applications from Mexican exiles. Also discussed is a study which tells about the repatriation of unaccompanied Mexican minors from the United States to Mexico.

Guest: Attorney Carlos Spector Calderon, Asylum Law Expert, El Paso, TX; Maru Cortazar, Executive Director, Appleseed Mexico, Mexico City,

Línea Abierta : The Student Debt Crisis: A Forum. (Repeat).


59:05 minutes (54.15 MB)

The Student Debt Crisis: A Forum. (Repeat). This is a partial repeat of the community forum recently held in Edinburg, in the Rio Grande Valley. This segment focuses on the staggering costs that hinder Latino access to higher education and on initiatives seeking to make college more affordable to students from working-class families. College administrators, school leaders and community advocates from South Texas convene in this panel to offer answers. This is a Holiday edition.

Línea Abierta : Mexico Edition.

Photo: PRODESC AC via facebook

59:07 minutes (54.13 MB)

Mexico Edition. Martha Elena Ramírez hosts the program Voz Pública from Mexico City. The civic journalist brings news and analysis on Mexican

Línea Abierta : Foreign Labor Contractors.

Photo: PRODESC AC via facebook

59:07 minutes (54.13 MB)

Foreign Labor Contractors. The Governor of California and the Mexican Secretary of Labor agreed to create a voluntary pilot program to protect Mexican temporary workers against abuse by unscrupulous recruiters. At the same time, in California, legislators are advancing a bill that would require foreign labor contractors to register with the state and give workers detailed information about their job.

Guests: Margie Estrada, Policy Consultant, Office of Senator Darrell Steinberg (Senate President pro Tempore), Sacramento, CA, ; Xochitl Arellano, Communications Deputy, California State Senate, Sacramento, CA, ; Rachel Micah-Jones, Founder and Executive Director, Centro de los Derechos del Migrante, Baltimore, MD, ; Martin Dávila, Former H2B Worker, Guadalupe, Zacatecas; Dr. José Luis Stein Velasco, Director, International Affairs Unit, Secretariat of Labor, Mexico City,

Línea Abierta : Latina Teacher Leads Largest Union.

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59:07 minutes (54.13 MB)

Latina Teacher Leads Largest Union. An interview with Lily Eskelsen García, who will take office next week as president of the National Education Association, breaking ground as the first Latina to head the nation’s largest union. She comments about her plans to bring more clout to the teachers’ union, the reformers’ “toxic obsession with standardized testing,” the ruling of a California court against teachers tenure, and the crisis of children refugees at the border.

Guest: Lily Eskelsen García, President of the National Education Association, Member of the President’s Advisory Commission on Educational Excellence for Hispanics, San Francisco, CA,

Línea Abierta : Immigration Edition.

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59:07 minutes (54.13 MB)

Immigration Edition. Pro-immigrant groups sue the federal government challenging its policies over the deportation of mothers and children who have fled extreme violence in Central America. And in another challenge, eleven immigrants have submitted applications for deferred action to Secretary Jeh Johnson’s office. Attorney Rosalba Piña comments on these topics and gives legal advice over the air.

Guests: Alvaro Huerta, Attorney, National Immigration Law Center, Los Angeles, CA, ; Eduardo Samaniego, Executive Director, Freedom House Georgia and participant of #1of11Million Campaign, Atlanta, GA; Rosalba Piña, Attorney, Expert on Immigration Law, Chicago, IL,

Línea Abierta : Mexico Edition.

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59:06 minutes (54.11 MB)

Mexico Edition. Four years have passed since the massacre of 72 migrants in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas. Relatives of those victims in El Salvador demand for the governments involved to help stop the migration. Some of the pointed factors for the migration of people are the lack of employment in their countries, the persecution and violence they endure while crossing the border and border control policies which endanger the lives of the undocumented. Furthermore, activists begin a campaign asking for the freedom of Nestora Salgado, ex-police chief in the town of Olinalá, in the state of Guerrero. A year has passed and Salgado is still been held in a high security prison in Tepic, Nayarit. Although she was exonerated of all charges, she remains incarcerated.

Línea Abierta : Elections Watch.

Photo: NCLR via facebook

59:07 minutes (54.13 MB)

Elections Watch. Republican incumbent David Valadao and Democratic challenger Amanda Rentería have been invited to debate on the economy, education funding, immigration reform and other hot issues in California’s 21st Congressional District, where Latinos make up more than half of the electorate. And, on the eve of the Arizona primary, a news analyst comments on the governor’s race and competitive races for seats in the U.S. House.

Guests: Amanda Renteria, Democratic candidate for Congress District 21, Sanger, CA, ; Gabriel Villalobos, Host and Producer, Contacto Total, KNUV 1190 AM, Phoenix, AZ.

Línea Abierta : Peaceful Self-Defense in Mexico. Also, The disappeared. Also, Campaign #1for11Million .

Photto: MUPL USA via facebook

59:15 minutes (54.26 MB)

Peaceful Self-Defense in Mexico. Social and religious leaders comment on their efforts to free detained members of Mexico’s self-defense movement, their call to Mexican consulates in the U.S. to act as agencies to receive reports from crime victims from Mexico, and their call on artists to become “peaceful sel-defenses.”

Guests: Gregorio López, “Father Goyo,” Michoacán, México.

The disappeared. On the International Day of the Disappeared, Mexican exiles in Texas and human rights activists in the Mexican border state of Chihuahua call on the Mexican government to investigate dozens of disappearances, identify recently found remains, and provide humanitarian aid for the families victims of enforced disappearance.

Guest: Gabino Gómez, Leader, El Barzón, Co-founder, Centro de Derechos Humanos de las Mujeres, Chihuahua, México.

Línea Abierta : The Student Debt Crisis.

Photo: Fed Student Aid via facebook

59:05 minutes (54.1 MB)

The Student Debt Crisis. This is a repeat of the second hour of the forum held in Spanish in the heart of the Rio Grande Valley the night before. This segment focuses on college costs and initiatives to make college education more affordable for students of working-class families.

Guests: Dr. Alejo Salinas Jr., Trustee, South Texas College Board, Edinburg; Dr. Jaime Chahin, Dean, College of Applied Arts, Texas State University, San Marcos; Frances Guzman, Educational Associate, Intercultural Development Research Association, San Antonio, TX; Dr. Francisco Guajardo, Executive Director, Llano Grande Center, Edcouch, TX; Tania Chavez, Special Projects Coordinator, La Union del Pueblo Entero, San Juan, TX; Sonia Falcon, Senior Vice-President Commercial Lending, Lone Star National Bank, McAllen, TX; Dr. Daniel King, Superintendent Pharr-San Juan-Alamo Independent School District (PSJA), Pharr, TX.

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